Frequently asked questions?

What brands do we represent?

We represent a range of national and international non-profit organisations.

How do we promote our brands?

As a direct advertising company, we deliver personalised face to face sales presentations at events and retail spaces depending on client requirements. These range from local Festivals, Shows, Exhibitions to Superstores and Shopping Centres.

What training do we provide?

Many of our people join us with no previous experince but luckily, speaking to people is something we all do already! We provide all the training to develop the skills necessary to suceed and thrive at the sales level. This involves specific client product training, industry compliance and sales coaching, conducted either directly by the brands or from an accredited member of staff. 
Everyone must be qualified to prove their basic knowledge of legal regulations and compliance before commencing work on behalf of the brands. This is prior to working with an experienced sales leader for the first 4 weeks.

We also provide daily sales coaching and skills sharing meetings. Regular refresher training days and workshops are scheduled to keep our product knowledge up to date.

We pride ourselves on having a positive, supportive and encouraging learning environment where knowledge is shared and success is recognised and rewarded. 

What areas do we cover?

Our events locations are based in and around Ipswich (within approx. 20 miles). We do arrange trips to further one-off events periodically, these are often on request by our Brand Ambassadors. Personal transport and driving license is not necessary as local events are arranged depending on Brand Ambassadors location and situation.