We’ve been helping brands develop and define their voice since 2005. The times may have changed, but the best way to communicate with people has not.

Most people are exposed to 1000's of digital advertising messages everyday. That's why brands want a more personal, face to face approach to engage with their potential customers.

We’re driven by the principle that people buy from people and that a personal approach is an antidote to todays digital media overload.

We specialise is representing national and international non-governmental organisations and charities, with personal presentations at event venues and retail spaces.

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The Human Commercial ™ - is about creating a personal connection with customers. We know that despite the advances in technology that have occurred over recent decades, people still respond best when they deal directly with other people. This idea is at the heart of our business. Skilled face-to-face sales specialists can provide people with all the information they need and help them to make informed, confident purchasing decisions. Also, by establishing a personal link between our brands and customers, they can create long-lasting connections.

Cost Effectiveness - Traditional advertising is often expensive and difficult to quantify. We are 100% cost effective, as we only charge our brands for the customers we generate. This creates an average return on investment of over 400%!

Our Ambition - In the last 15 years, our face to face interactions have generated over £30 million of revenue for our brands. However, we know our reach could be even bigger. With more brands approaching us all the time, we plan on opening 2 more locations in the East of England within 2 years. 

Our Values - The limitations of traditional and digital advertising often lead companies to use misleading, sensational and sometimes purely false messaging to hook us into watching, listening and reading their content.

In a face to face senario however, people will simply not engage and pay attention unless the conversation is polite, personal, genuine and interesting! That's why we invest our time in developing our people's skills to generate the best quality customers for our brands. This investment in our people is something we are really proud of and is at the core of our business and future growth goals.

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Our 5 stage Business Development Program has been designed to provide opportunity to every person from the ground level to advance within the business at their own pace based on merit. The fairness of this system promotes good work ethics and high performance at every level. There are no time restrictions limiting advancement from one level to another, only a sales based criteria.

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Learn the knowledge, communication skills and confidence to acquire new customers and deliver an excellent customer experience.
Initial and ongoing product training and sales coaching is given to every brand ambassador.
Our 1-2-1 mentor scheme means you have continual access to an experienced Leader to guide you through your first weeks journey in the role.
Once basic sales and learning criteria have been achieved, you can progress into becoming a Leader yourself.

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David Hebblethwaite

Managing Director

I started in the industry in 2003 with no previous experience but due to having a great mentor and support system, I completed the

Business Development Program, setting up Analogue in 2005.

My goal is to open 2 new locations within the next 2 years.

Personal Profile

  • Previous Role: Geology Graduate

  • Interests: Cycling, Music, Golf, Travel, Cryptocurrencies.

  • Team Member since: 2005

  • Future Goals/ Ambitions: Own a house on a golf course, Watch the Masters Golf in Augusta, More records & bikes!

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Gemma Newbery

Recruitment and Office Manager

After representing clients as a Team Leader within the company, I got the opportunity to help run and grow the business. I am passionate about supporting our people develop and progress within the Business Development Program.

Personal Profile

  • Previous Role: Child care

  • Interests: Musical Theatre, Disney,

         Sun, Sea and Sand Holidays​

  • Team Member since: 2014

  • Future Goals/ Ambitions: Buy New House,

        Travel Route 66, Visit New Zealand.​


Joshua Tugman

Team Leader

I was working in a shoe shop prior to joining the company. As I love speaking to people, the sales aspect really attracted me to the role. The challenge of generating sales and the opportunity to earn commissions are a massive incentive that keep me motivated.

Personal Profile

  • Previous Role: Retail

  • Interests: Football, Fashion, Music.

  • Team Member since: 2018

  • Future Goals/ Ambitions: Run my own office, Get on the Property Ladder.


Levi Townes-New


I left the Royal Logistics Corps after 9 years and like many leaving the military, I struggled to find something meaningful to fill its place. After a short stint in haulage, I decided to change my career and train as a Brand Ambassador. Having picked up the sales side of the business fairly quickly, I am now focussing my efforts on developing and building a team.

Personal Profile

  • Previous Role: Lorry Driver

  • Interests: Football, Gaming, Nature & Bushcraft.

  • Team Member since: May 2021

  • Future Goals/ Ambitions: Open my own business in Chelmsford, own a small holding

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37 St.Margarets Street,


IP4 2AU.

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